North Powys Wellbeing Survey 2019

Closed 15 Sep 2019

Opened 31 Jul 2019


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Under the Powys Regional Partnership Board (PRPB) we are working together to take forward a once in a generation opportunity to transform services in north Powys.  We have a high level of ambition to improve health and wellbeing services through a new model of care as set out in our Health and Care Strategy which was approved in April 2018.


In May 2019, the PRPB received £2.5m of funding from the Welsh Government Transformation Fund to invest in new ways of delivering health and social care services within north Powys and support us in taking forward our ambitions.

The new model will focus on three areas:



There is a strong national and international consensus that we should strengthen care closer to home. Both digital technology and workforce are key enablers to achieving this ambition. Technology could enable access to specialist advice and opinion remotely and can, through telemetry and wearables, help people to live safely and independently for longer in their own homes and communities. Flexible, enhanced and easily accessed, community based services can further enable people to stay longer in their own home.


Neighbourhood approach / Community Wellbeing Hubs

Community Wellbeing Hubs will provide a place where different local partners in a neighbourhood can come together and address the issues that matter most to them. Community Wellbeing Hubs can provide services for the community, but also by the community.


Rural Regional Centre

The Rural Regional Centre will link with Community Wellbeing Hubs and potentially with people in their home.  It will give us the opportunity to deliver more services locally in Powys that are currently provided out of Powys. For example, this could include some pre-and post-operative care, day case procedures, diagnostics, outpatients and rehabilitation services. 

The Rural Regional Centre and Community Wellbeing Hub will be part of an intergenerational Multi-agency Wellbeing Campus that will also include primary education provision and supported accommodation, with links to leisure and outdoor green spaces. The preferred site for the campus is situated in the centre of Newtown, and is currently occupied by a range of providers including health provision, other council services and two schools

This survey

This survey aims to find out what matters most to the people of north Powys when it comes to looking after their health and well-being. How do people look after their fitness - both physical and mental - and what is important in terms of a good quality of life?

With your feedback, we will be able to plan our services in the area so that it is able to best meet the needs of people in north Powys.


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