Digital Research Questionnaire - Voluntary Organisations 2020

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Closes 31 Oct 2020

Voluntary Organisations

Please describe the digital solutions you use for supporting older people in their home:
Are the digital solutions automated or is there some input required from the older person or volunteer?
What barriers, if any, have you found when utilising digital solutions in older people’s homes?
Have you found that these barriers can be overcome?
Do you use digital tools to match volunteer base with people’s needs?
What age range forms the main group of your volunteer base?
What barriers, if any, exist to support digital connections between people’s needs and local volunteers?
Are there any specific barriers using digital solutions in Powys that are not found in other areas you support?
Can you estimate, or do you know, what percentage of your volunteer base are digitally enabled?
Is there any further information that you would like to share to help inform this research?