Draft Equality Objectives Survey 2020

Closed 9 Feb 2020

Opened 13 Jan 2020


Under legislation called the Equality Act 2010 all local authorities are tasked with working to ensure that no one is discriminated again when trying to access a council service irrespective of their age, gender, disability, religion, nationality, ethnicity etc.. 

The legilsation lists nine protected characteristics that need to be considered when developing new policies or delivering services to residents. There is also a requirement to ensure staff are treated equally in the work place with regard to pay etc.     

Why We Are Consulting

For 2020 - 2024  the council has set out six strategic equality objectives and some potential actions to work towards to ensure these objectives are met.   We'd like your views on five of these.  One is more of an internal action around gender pay. The objectives are based on:

  • research conducted by the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) and published in their 2018 report called "is Wales Fairer?"   (See the link below) 
  • feedback received from you last year via a partnership survey conducted with colleagues from councils, health boards, the police and fire service across Powys, Ceredigion, Carmarthenshire and Pembrokeshire.  Views were sought on whether certain groups of people were likely to receive a better or worse outcome in key service areas like education, housing and social care.  The survey also asked about employment and community cohesion.   

Powys residents who responded to the survey told us that in their view:

  • disabled and older people had a worse experience in trying to gain employment than the other groups listed in the survey
  • young, old and single people had much more difficulty in obtaining suitable housing
  • the increase in the digital information channels excludes certain sections of society and the biggest division relates to age and disability

Please give us your views by midnight on Sunday 9 Februrary 2020.    Thank you. 

What Happens Next

The views given in this survey will be analysed and considered by those responsible for developing and delivering upon the six objectives. 

Following full consideration the objectives and actions will be fianlised and included in the Council's Corporate Improvement Plan for 2020/2021.  

The strategic equality objectives are set for a three year period. 



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