Lake Park Project Feedback Survey 2020

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Closes 30 Apr 2020

Survey Questions

1. Are you responding as...
2. Where do you live:
3. How often do you visit the lake area:
4. Which of the following words would you use to describe the lake area as it is today:
5. Which of the following would you use to describe the fishing and bird watching facilities within the lake area:
6. Some improvements have been undertaken to the lake area in recent times. We'd like to know if you were aware of these improvements and if you have used or enjoy the fact that they are in situ/exist. Please tick as appropriate.
Fishing platforms – two have been replaced with new materials made from recycled plastic.
Boardwalk – made from recycled plastic materials.
Bird hide – situated at the end of the boardwalk.
Woodland Walks – improvements have been made to walking trails within the woodland area.
Boating on the lake – reinstated in Summer 2018.
Event site at amphitheatre (behind county hall building) – restored and improved. Can be hired out for outdoor events, concerts, plays etc.
Multi-purpose trail – path behind boathouse resurfaced. to improve access for cyclists, pushchairs and walkers.
The water beast – the beast was sinking and has been lifted into a more visible position.
7. Do you have any concerns or evidence to suggest that the council is treating/using the Welsh language less favourably than English in relation to this project?
8. If yes, please give details.
9. What changes could be made so as to have a more positive effect on the Welsh language?
10. If you have any other comments about the improvements to the Lake Park area please use this space to give them here?