Amalgamation of Ladywell Green Infants and Hafren C.P. Junior School

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Closes 7 Nov 2019


Powys County Council is consulting on the following proposals relating to education in Newtown:

  • To close Ladywell Green Infants School and Hafren C.P. Junior School
  • To establish a new English-medium primary school for pupils aged 4-11 on the current sites of Ladywell Green Infants School and Hafren C.P. Junior School

The current target date is to close the two schools on the 31st August 2021, with the new school opening on the 1st September 2021.

A consultation document which provides more information about the proposals is available on the Council’s website at

1. Please indicate how you are associated with the schools affected by this consultation:
2. Please specify which school you are associated with:
3. Please provide your postcode:
4. Do you agree with the current proposal to amalgamate Ladywell Green and Hafren?
5. If you have any additional comments about the amalgamation, please provide them below:
6. Do you think that the Council should be considering any other options for Ladywell Green Infants School and Hafren C.P. Junior School instead of the proposal to amalgamate the schools to establish a new primary school?
7. Please provide any additional comments on other options, including a description of the option(s) you think the Council should be considering:
8. Please provide any other comments you may have in the space below:
9. At the end of the Consultation Period, the Council will publish a Consultation Report, summarising the issues raised in the consultation responses received and providing the Council’s response to these issues. Would you like to be informed of the publication of the consultation report?