River Wye Management Proposal

Closed 30 Jun 2019

Opened 5 Jun 2019

Results Updated 26 Feb 2020

The feedback from the survey has allowed for more detailed discussions to take place between the different user groups.   These discussions are helping all parties understand each other's needs and reach a solution. 



The Council recently consulted on 11 different practical management options, in relation to the launching of canoes from Upper Glas-y-Bont common, Glasbury onto the River Wye.

Management is needed to allow for canoe launching that is sustainably balanced with other river-based activities, particularly angling. The issue to be addressed through management is the impact of commercial canoe traffic on angling at peak times (i.e. weekends and bank holidays in the summer).


Restrictive covenants in the title to the common require that the Council does not permit canoeing that would interfere with fishing rights.


If this topic is of interest to you, please read the supporting document which gives more details, consider the four questions listed and email your answers to: sian.barnes@powys.gov.uk by 30 June 2019.


Please Note: Powys County Council will publish a summary report which highlights the responses to the consultation document and questions posed. We may also publish responses in full. Normally, we would publish the name of an organisation who sent in a response to aid transparency and understanding around views given. If you are responding as an organisation/business and do not want your name or address published, please tell us this when you respond.


Why We Are Consulting

We want to come up with a management arrangement that will allow for continued canoe launching, whilst achieving a sustainable balance with angling.

The arrangement will then form the basis of permission for canoe launching from Glasbury Common. 

We have analysed the feedback given by various stakeholders to the survey which closed in February this year. This looked at 11 proposals which had been put forward by various stakeholders/parties. Following discussions, meetings and conversations, we now feel there is potentially a solution that will balance the needs of all those using and wishing to enjoy the river whether they are canoeists or anglers.  

What Happens Next

Once we've heard back from you we will consider the views given overall and take a final decision about how best to manage and sustain use of the River Wye.   


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